Why Steam your horses hay?

Firstly when you are steaming your hay the hay retains the goodness of minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are often lost by soaking hay. The Mineral, Vitamin and nutrient content will also vary greatly between different bales of hay, this will vary depending on the time of year it was baled, the types of grasses in the field and how long ago the hay was cut and baled. Last years hay is going to have a lower Mineral, Vitamin and nutrient content, this can be useful to feed if you have a horse or pony needing a limited calorie diet.

The next Benefit of steaming hay is that most bacteria and fungal spores are killed off, this is great for horses that have allergies. We would always recommend that you seek veterinary advice if you think that your horse has allergies as steaming hay might not help unless you have identified the specific allergies your horse has.

Why steam hay?

  • No more wet and heavy nets to drag across the yard
  • A less expensive alternative to feeding Hayledge to a horse or pony.
  • Easy to use.
  • Feeding steamed hay to a horse can help to prevent respiratory diseases.
  • Some horses prefer steamed hay as they find it more palatable

If you have any further questions please get in touch with us at info@kickon.co.uk