////John Whitaker Venice jump saddle 171/2″ Changeable Gullet system

John Whitaker Venice jump saddle 171/2″ Changeable Gullet system


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John Whitaker Venice jump saddle

The John Whitaker Venice is a changeable gullet jump saddle and the Skirt and flaps of the Venice Jump Saddle are made from a durable printed leather which has been planned for a close contact feel.

The seat is covered with a calfskin leather, and the under panels feature a memory foam crumb with a dense memory foam core for shock absorption and mouldability.  There is also a felt lined inner panel for additional wool flocking should you require it.

There is a large padded calfskin knee roll and a shaped calfskin cover back block to help maintain the proper leg position and the flaps are forward cut to aid stability and balance whilst jumping.


1 in stock



Item Specifics

Size- 171/2”

Fit- Changeable

Colour- Black

This saddle is brand new with the tags on and has had the tree, stitching and girth straps all checked and are in good condition.

As this is a brand-new saddle please get in touch for trail options

Saddle No 24

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 60 cm