////Jeffries Falcon Dressage saddle 17″ Narrow/ Medium fit

Jeffries Falcon Dressage saddle 17″ Narrow/ Medium fit


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Jeffries Falcon Dressage saddle

Jeffries manufactures its own spring trees, each to a design that is renowned for its excellent fit, produced in 6-ply laminated wood to prevent distortion whilst retaining flexibility for comfort. Jeffries also source specialist trees from Walsall based manufacturers. The finest quality leather is prepared and finished meticulously, providing ultimate durability and rider safety. Jeffries use only pure new wool flock for stuffing their saddles.

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Item specifics

Seat size 17”

Fit- Narrow/ Medium

Colour- Havana

Serial Number 23979

This saddle has had the long girth straps replaced with shorter straps so that I can also be used a working hunter or show saddle. If this is an issue and you would like dressage straps attaching after trial then this is something that can be done.

This saddle is in used condition and has some marks from wear which are shown in the photographs. This saddle has had the tree, girth straps and stitching checked which is all in good condition.

Saddle No 102

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 60 cm