Second Hand Saddles

//Second Hand Saddles
  • English Leather General Purpose saddle English Leather General Purpose saddle with a knee and small thigh roll. The saddle has a generous seat and a round cantle
  • Jeffries Falcon Dressage saddle Jeffries manufactures its own spring trees, each to a design that is renowned for its excellent fit, produced in 6-ply laminated wood to prevent distortion whilst retaining flexibility for comfort. Jeffries also source specialist trees from Walsall based manufacturers. The finest quality leather is prepared and finished meticulously, providing ultimate durability and rider safety. Jeffries use only pure new wool flock for stuffing their saddles.
  • M & J Saddlery This English leather general purpose saddle is made by M & J Saddlery and has both knee and thigh rolls to give the rider support and is ideal for general riding activities.
  • Stubben Excalibur monoflap dressage The Excalibur was designed with uncompromising elegance and function in mind. For comfort, the special ‘cuir crispe’ leather is used to construct the seat, skirt and front of the flap. To achieve the absolute closest contact, Stubben designed the Excalibur with only one layer of smooth leather between the horse and the rider. A unique knee roll was created to anatomically fit the upper leg of the rider, and a special girthing system was developed to guarantee an exceptionally fit.
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    Silhouette Suede show saddle This saddle is a Suede show saddle and the Flap of this saddle is straight cut, to keep the rider from restricting the horse’s shoulders. The suede seat and knee roll is ideal to help keep the rider in place.  
  • Bates precieux dressage saddle Black A Bates Dressage saddle is traditional yet elegant in appearance, the Bates Dressage Saddle offers high performance, as innovative design and features offer increased support of your optimal dressage position. The Bates Dressage Saddle features a deep seat with a narrow waist and broad sitting area for greater support whist not fixing you in position. The changeable gullet system and Cair Cushion system offers great flexibility and allows you to achieve a customised fit.    
  • STRAIGHT CUT – INTERCHANGABLE GULLET – MONO_PANEL  Designed to meet strict Dressage regulations, the Harrogate Dressage Saddle features a tonal stitch and tonal pipe throughout with classically styled panels. There is a large moulded knee roll and deep seat to encourage proper leg position and posture, and the flaps have been elongated to git the riders legs. The whole upper of this saddle is made from a genuine leather, whilst the underpanels and sweat flaps are made from a durable synthetic leather which needs minimum care – meaning you can spend more time in the saddle.    
  • Silhouette Dressage saddle

    This saddle is a real head turner.
    This is a very unusual and striking saddle with the black and blue leather and the union jack button which is funky whilst still very classy. Made in the West Midland by experienced saddlers Silhouette are a very popular brand from the everyday rider to the advanced competitor. This is a deep seat dressage saddle with large knee block offering you ultimate comfort and security whilst riding