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  • Stirrup Leathers 54" Stainless Steel buckles. Soft leather. These stirrup leathers are numbered. Great Value product. In two colours black & havana.
  • Sheldon Neoprene anti slip girth

    • Removable non- slip neoprene lining.
    • Attached with strong velcro, the lining may be removed for washing.
    • Strong double elastic at both ends provides a comfortable, secure fit and ease of handling.
    • Easy to adjust Stainless steel roller buckles
    A top selling popular product.
  • This English girth is shaped so that it has an anatomical arc which contours forward & around the horse’s elbows, while allowing the girth straps to sit further back. The shape allows the saddle to be properly positioned behind the horse’s shoulder blades, whilst keeping the girth at 90 degrees to the floor. Using high grade SS roller buckles. Triple Elastic at both ends MADE IN THE UK
  • SIMPLY STEAM WEBSITE NOW LIVE Simply Steam Hay Steamer. Simply Steam- Hay Steamers is a family run business, the idea came to us after years of continuously soaking haynets was becoming a nightmare. As another winter of freezing hands and frozen nets was looming, we started the first prototype and after a few months of product testing and evolving the design we finalised the Simply Steam. Why Choose Simply Steam? Because.....
    • The Boxes are UK made.
    • Steams upto and above 90 degrees
    •  A built in temperature gage 
    • The Hay Steamers is manoeuvrable around the yard with a handle and wheels.
    • Even steam distribution throughout the steamer.
    • Everything in the Simply Steam is detachable for easy cleaning.
    • Simply steam has a platform above the steam distribution which assists with the circulation of steam.
    • Holds 2 nets or half a bale of hay
    • Simply Steam can continuously run for 80 minutes.
    • The Steamer has a safety cut off incase it runs out of water.
    • 2000W Steamer
    • 175L box
  • Pony greeder feed net, featuring 1" hole this keeps our greedy feeding horses occupied. Only 25" in length means they are ideal for back of trailers too. Purple with black tie rope chord.  
  • We have been using these nets for around 18 months and they are a great size and long lasting.