How to Trial a Saddle

Saddle Trial information

  1. Add the saddle to your basket and if you are local to Alfreton, Derbyshire or Matlock Derbyshire tick local collection to collect from us.
  2.  If you aren’t in the area then we ship the saddle out to you.
  3. Full Payment is required
  4. We will send the saddle and the trial starts the day your saddle arrives.
  5. Check you have happy with the condition the saddle has arrived in.
  6. Try in on your horse and pony and seek a saddle fitters advice if needed.
  7. Let us know how you are getting on…… if the saddle fits then enjoy if not the box it back up let us know its coming home and send it back (you are responsible for this postage cost)
  8. When the saddle arrives back to us we will refund you minus the postage cost to you if that applies.

The Boring bit……. Terms and Conditions

  • The 5 day Trial Period this is for saddles delivered to a UK address only, no 5 day trial will be given on International orders unless this has been previously discussed.
  • Your 5 day trial period is inclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays the trial starts on the delivery date of your saddle or the day of collection if collecting in person, any saddles being returned must be listed and submitted on a Returns form and needs to arrive back with us no later the day following the last day of your trial.
  • We reserve the right to not permit trials on new, or nearly new saddles as the wear from use during the trial could lead to the devaluation of the Goods. If you wish to trial a product, you are required to pay the full sale value, plus the cost of carriage.
  • During the trial period you are fully responsible for the Goods. By purchasing a product from our website, you are accepting full responsibility and risk. Should any loss or damage incur during the trial you will be held liable. Saddles must not be exposed to wet weather, ridden in jeans or trousers with back pockets. You should ride saddles in suitable footwear to avoid rubbing the saddle. Saddles are to be stored in a suitable secure location and no saddle should be sat on unless on a suitably sized horse or pony any saddle that comes back damaged structurally or cosmetically may only be liable to a partial refund or in some cases no refund will be given at all, this will be at our discretion.
  • If the saddle is found to be not suitable during the trial period you must make us aware as soon as possible and we will check in for regular updates. The saddle must be returned to us in the same condition it left.
  • You are liable for any return costs.
  • It is your responsibility to inspect any saddles you have on trial immediately after they arrive to unsure that you are happy with the condition as this cannot be bought to our attention after your trial.