Does a girth make that much difference?

The simple answer is yes!!!!

We often think of the girth as the object that attaches the saddle to the horse but its much more than that and we have come across so many examples of changing the girthing or the girth that makes a huge difference so though we would share a few with you.

have you got elastic on one end of your girth? You will often find that the saddle will roll or go to one side? if you have a fix point on one end a something with give on the other that will be enough movement to allow a wide and sometimes not so wide horse or pony to push the saddle to one side so our advice would be no elastic or elastic at both ends.

A shaped girth is our new best friend as they are wider so offer a more even weight distribution across the girthing area. The girth is shaped so that it has an anatomical arc which contours forward and around the horse’s elbows, while allowing the girth straps to sit farther back. The girth’s contoured shape allows the saddle to be properly positioned behind the horse’s shoulder blades, whilst keeping the girth at 90 degrees to the floor and this is a huge benefit for horses that do tend to move the saddle.

The last thing we wanted to share is the straps that you use on your saddle as this can make a big difference,

If you notice that the saddle is a little tight into the shoulder try taking the girth off the front strap and just using the back 2 to reduce the pressure. Other way round and you find you are tipping back  try putting it on the front 2 or if you have 4 straps try to use the middle 2 (always following the advice of your saddler)

We are always happy to help so any questions just ask.